cim - compañía de ingenieria y montaje
According to our client’s workflow schedule, CIM – Compañía de Ingeniería y Montajes S.A.S. performs industrial maintenances, providing support in:

  • Goal achievement in equipment’s availability.
  • Scheduling, planning and executing maintenance shutdowns.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Emergency attention and availabilities.

We have the right personnel and staff with the highest level of expertise in quality of execution, and with great commitment towards personal safety in all work-related activities.


1. Major equipment repairs:

  • Schedule shutdowns for boilings repairing.
  • Schedule shutdowns for ferrule replacement in rotary kilns, body alignment and transmission, chain zone, crown wheels and roller replacement, etc.
  • Schedule shutdowns to repair electro-filters, baghouse/dust collectors and bucket elevators (grain leg)
  • Schedule shutdowns for packaging replacement in ball mills, trunnion bearings replacement, transmission alignments, etc.
  • Schedule shutdowns for repairing in any type of machinery according to the technical information summited by the client.

2. Major plant shutdowns:

  • Personnel, tools and equipment supply.
  • Technical and management maintenance control in schedule plant shutdowns, with mechanical intervention in all equipment authorized by client.

3. Maintenance outsourcing:

  • Maintenance management.
  • Maintenance execution.
  • Equipment and tools permanently provided during maintenance execution.
  • Availability of personnel, equipment and tools for emergency attention.


  • Low running Costs.
  • Keeping your human resource personnel and staff focused on companies’ main business core.
  • Improvements in equipment’s availability standards.


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