CIM – Compañía de Ingeniería y Montajes S.A.S. was founded in January 1998 by its current executive director, Eng. Jorge Wilson Valderrama. During its beginnings, it was legal a entity known as CIM – Compañía de Ingeniería y Montajes E.U., focused in the cement industry.

The first contract work was signed in March 2nd, 1998 with Cementos el Cairo S.A. This work – “Dismantling, manufacturing and installation of clinker transporter” – was performed during 30 days and it required only 8 people from our personnel. For our company it was a huge achievement to get our first contract with such a prestigious cement firm located in Santa Barbara, Antioquia.

Once we proved the perfect technical knowledge and ability to successfully perform this type of work, CIM performed many projects for Cementos El Cairo until it progressively broaden its market, venturing itself with both national and international companies. During 2004, the company changed its legal personality from CIM – Compañía de Ingeniería y Montajes E.U. to CIM – Compañía de Ingeniería y Montajes S.A.

Currently, CIM – Compañía de Ingeniería y Montajes S.A.S, provides services of maintenance, repairing and installations in the metal-mechanic industry, not only in the cement industry but in other industries as well. Some of our clients are Propal S.A., Smurfit Kappa Cartón Colombia S.A. y Cementos Argos S.A., the latter with which we develop projects in all of its plants in different industries within the country, with high expectations.