Mission – Vision


We are an engineering company that offers solutions to the metal mechanic industry by providing services such as installments, maintenance, equipment repairing and technical consulting.

We have a very reliable logistic support, trained personnel and staff, adequate tools and equipment, up-to-date technology and a solid infrastructure that have allow us develop and fulfill our technical, occupational health and environment commitments. This way, we contribute to the social and productive development of the regions where we have presence.


CIM SAS is projected towards the year 2020 as a service company of the metal mechanic industry, recognized in the national market and in the Latin American market; with extensive technical experience and commitment to our stakeholders, through strategic alliances, continuous improvement and the development of the competencies of our partners, to remain a solid, sustainable and competitive company.

Corporate Values

  • Honesty: We work with honesty by taking care of the assigned resources in a fair and reasonable way and, by acting with transparency at all time.
  • Commitment: We commit, assume and adopt our companies’ values and challenges during our daily work.
  • Respect: We act acknowledging the rights, opinions and dignity of every person, abstaining ourselves from offending, while taking care of not trespassing the established limits.
  • Responsibility: we fulfill our acquired commitments by acknowledging, accepting and answering for the actions and decisions taken during this process.